Product introduction

OZ-SEPA oil scooper is much useful for small oil spill response in any rough conditions. Comparing to conventional way, our OZ-SEPA oil scooper can collect oil just by filtering in water, and you can use again the collected oil without any further process. If you have our OZ-SEPA oil scooper in small fish boats or any yacht, you can easily collect any spilled oil. It will be also very essential in any fish farm areas. Our OZ-SEPA oil scooper can filter more than 1000times until the OZ-SEPA filter torn away. Comparing to conventional absorbents, we have confidence that our OZ -SEPA oil scooper is approximately 10times faster and more economical for collecting spilled oil.


Application of OZ-SEPA

  1. Recover the oil from the small and medium power ship.
  2. Recover the oil from the marine control vessel.
  3. oil recovery for fish farms
  4. Eliminate contamination by oil from lakes and rivers.
  5. offshore oil recovery


1) A type (a large, medium-sized garden)

– Frame size: 25cm diameter

– 3-stage foldable rod length: 2,3,4 m

2) B Type (Small garden)

– Frame size: 16cm diameter

– Bar Length: 52cm

quality of the material

  1. frame - Plastic
  2. bar - Grafate


  1. Drain first and then simply filter out the oil.
  2. Can be used before filter damage (1000 times or more as a result of self-examination)

Filter Replacement Method

  1. turn over the garden.
  2. Remove the outer frame and cover the prepared filter accordingly.
  3. Overlay the outer frame over the filter.