Product introduction

  1. OZ-SEPA can recover 99.9% of the oil spill separately by using the filter only. 
  2. Recover all oils from the lowest viscosity silicon oil to crude oil.
  3. Floating oil can be removed continuously, providing both economical and environmental friendliness compared to disposable oil sorbent foam.
  4. The existing anti-disaster system is less efficient in recovering spillage oil, but it can effectively recover spillage oil even in high-temperature environments such as the West Sea and the South Sea

Application of OZ-SEPA

  1. Oil Scooper for small oil spill both in sea and river.
  2. Oil boom containment to confine spilled oil.
  3. To protect fish farms from oil spill
  4. Oil Skimmer filter
  5. To filter oil waste in restaurant and ships
  6. Oil water separator in various industry


1) OZ-SEPA Materials

- Textiles, Pulps, Meshes and so on

2) OZ-SEPA size

- Width 1m2, Length:We can supply any length based upon customer's request.

3) Durability

- Yeinpens Water Flow Resistance 4 Note

- Water passage rate (10*10 cm) per hour / 4 to 10 tonnes (depending on application)

- Recommended use of the filter on the garden floor 1,200 to 1,500 times

Utilization method

  1. You can insert OZ-SEPA in Oil Scooper and Oil fence to confine oil by filtering water.
  2. Before using Scooper, OZ-SEPA should be soaked in water.
  3. Any water temperature can be used if it is in liquid state.


  1. OZ-SEPA can be used more than 1,000times until physically torn away.
  2. OZ-SEPA is specially purposed for separation of Oil from water, not for any sea micro-debris or water-solubles.