Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to inform you of our new and innovative products. We have developed OZ SEPA(Oil Zero Separator) filter which can easily filter water from oil in the sea and river where oil is spilled. OZ SEPA is our brand name. We produce several products using this filter, and the name of these products are OZ SEPA oil scooper, OZ SEPA oil boom containment and oil skimmer. These products are very innovative comparing to other products.

So far, there has been only one solution to handle the oil spill issue. People have used the oil adherence method with drum, absorbent, or belt from the surface of water. However, this solution has been not much attractive to people since it is time consuming and not much effective. Furthermore, it has been somewhat expensive.

OZ SEPA’s one and only Nano Technology makes people much easier to handle the oil spill. Our OZ SEPA filter shifts out the water from the oil; there is only oil left on the filter. If you use our OZ SEPA filter, you can easily remove 99.9% oil from the seas and rivers.

For the small size of oil spill, we would like to recommend you using our OZ scooper. And for the big size of oil spill, you can use our OZ SEPA boom containment which can filter oil out with two tugboats each side. In this case, our OZ SEPA boom containment can easily confine oil with the speed of 3~5 knots by filtering quickly through the water.

Our OZ SEA oil boom containments are also able to be used in the rough sea conditions such as high waves and high-speed currents. This is one of the biggest differences comparing to the other solutions – these oil boom containments will definitely help you to filter out oil from water.

We are currently providing our products to Korea Coast Guard after having a field test together. We can provide you not only finished goods such as oil scooper, oil boom and OZ SEPA filter, but also your own products which is exclusively designed for you. With our OZ SEPA filter, you can have different and amazing experiences when you filter oil out of the water.

If you are interested in our OZ SEPA filter, please visit our webpage OZSEPA.COM

You are welcome to see several videos – those videos will help you understanding how our technology works.

We are looking forward to having business with you.


Sincerely yours,

Kevin Kyedong Oh